beta-haemolysis-base on carbonate-C of cell wall

group A

streptococcus pygenes

streptococcus milleri(alpha)

streptcoccus salivarius(alpha)

-bacitracin sensitive

-strept throat, scarlet fever, wound infections, acute endocarditis

group B

stretococcus aglactiae

-CAMP positive,orange colony on Islam agar incubated anaerobically

-normal flora of female gential tract

-bovine mastitis, human neonatal sepsis and meningitis

group C


-infections in animals

-sometimes on human

group D

-can be alpha,beta and gamma(non)

-more heat resist, may grow at 45oC

-positive in bile/esculin hydrolysis

-enterococcus:2strains-E. faecalis, E. faeceum

 i.tolarate 6.5% NaCl,penicillin, with endocarditis, UTI

-stretoccus bovis also a viridans streptococcus 

Viridans Streptococci

alpha haemolytic, not inhibited by optochin, normal flora of mouth

1.S. bovis

2.S. mitior (mitis)

3.S. mutans

4.S. milleri (intermedius)

5.S. salivarius

6.S. sanguis

not 4 ->dextran and cause dental caries and subacute endocarditis

4 in group A,C,F,G or cannot be grouped, can cause abscess and septicaemia

streptococcus pneumoniae-important pathogen


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